The Badlion’s Garage Synth App Reviews

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Kind of a problem.

I love this app, but the new update isn't working right on my ipad 1. It's stuck in the vertical position for some reason, which crops off about 1/4 of the keyboard and any of the functions on the right. I tried deleting it and reloading it but got the same results. I would love to see this working with the new features or at least have it the way it was so i can use it like i use to. Thanks.


The latest update messed up the app on my iPad 2. Please fix!

Something is wrong

The recent update messed up the app. I am hoping this bad review will encourage the creator to fix the problem because it is hard to go through life without a properly functioning version of this app.

Sick Toy!!

Best .99 cents I've spent in a long time! Lots of beats and insane sound fx that allow for plenty of manipulation and customization. It will definitely be right at home among any other good synth apps!


I have had this app forever. I love it on the iPad. I just wish it was audio bus supported.

Casio on Acid

This thing is great. I do wish it had a few more sounds to choose from (maybe like a B menu of sounds when you select Black and White) but it's still fun. I'm a professional composer and my 2 year old son loves playing on this with me. I almost feel bad at times for how easily it keeps him occupied (at least he's doing something creative!) He can even change the rhythms and sounds on his own. As a side note I could actually see a lo-fi indie electronic group using this on a record!

Great app

Fun and one of the most stable apps I have ever used. Great job developers!

keeps the kids entertained

lots of fun ! my little one's love messing with it and keeps em occupied on long trips. well worth the money ! now if my kids would just let me play with it.....

Great idea

Love the jingle bells update. Quality update

Needs Akai Synthstation support

Otherwise useless toy


Cool sounds, notes lock on or off quite a bit though. Seems like a bug. Wish there was record feature. Fun lofi sounds though.


This is a fun synth to mess around with, especially in the dark! LOL

like a circuit bent toy... fun!

not a serious production tool by any means... but if you like jamming out with noisy glitched out sounds... this is a fun liitle app...

Free Apps are better.

For a buck what the hell. It would be worth it if their weren't much much better apps doing much more. the lite vers are free the others do cost, you get what you pay for. Rarely write reviews but after trying, I ran back to store to double check what i paid. Lucky only a buck so Lesson learned. Uninstalling next.

Basic plastic keyboard

This sounds a lot like the cheap kids keyboards with similar color schemes at every neighborhood garage sale. Simple, fuzzy tones with not a lot of flexibility. A kid might enjoy it as a distraction on a long trip, but hardly worth being a paid app. I've removed it from my iPhone.

Not working after update.

The Badlion's garage synth and Garage synth lite keep crashing when I try switching to different loops. This is the only app I have had a problem with. It has only been doing this since I did the newest ipod update. I have tried everything, even redownloading the app!!! It didn't work! Please fix this. I love this too app too much!!! PLEASE FIX!

What's his face

It's supa crafty. User friendly and complex. Just buy tha thing!!

Even if you never update it it is great


Worth a try

Safe to say no other app sounds like this. So raw and cool!!!

Worth a buck for sure!

This silly app lets you make cheap sounding techno easily. Honestly, at the moment (v. 1.1) it's a toy, but a really fun toy! It makes funny sounds, it lights up! It's an adult-sized baby noisemaker. Fun for all!

This app is sick.

Love the full screen on slaught of colour as I touch the keys. The sounds are hardcore in a good way. Would love to have a programmable drum machine on top of its current preset drums to play along to.

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